Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tales From the Used Book Store: The "Humor" Section

So this week I've been reorganizing the dreaded Humor section. What I've learned is that Humor is a very relative term. Something that was humorous in the 1930's may not be funny now. A lot of the books struck me as sad, really. If a woman wrote it, it was bound to be about the chaos of motherhood and how husbands are stupid. If a man wrote it, it was about how women are stupid. This is some groundbreaking stuff.

And then, there was a book presumably about baby humor. Let me provide a couple examples.

1. Drinking excessive amounts of hard alcohol while pregnant is FUNNY. You know, because the baby gets drunk too!!
Another weird aspect of the Humor section is that you can tell a lot about the time the book was written by the jokes. Clearly when this was written, people didn't realize that drinking can give a baby more problems than a "cute" little hangover in the womb.

2. Incest is CLASSIC COMEDY.
I mean, what else are those two babies supposed to do in there other than flirt and maybe make out a little. Experimentation is totally normal. (If you think this is the only page with a twincest joke, you would be wrong).

And, as a side note: Why the obsession with twincest, literary world?? I'm talking to you, George R. R. Martin. I'd put money on it that no writer who wrote about twincest has actually been a twin. Just putting that out there.

Back to the "Humor" section I go today. Here's hoping I find a few more gems for you.


  1. OMG, I actually recognize those cartoons. Not the babies, but the style of them. I think my dad had some (slightly less offensive) sperm and egg cartoons.

    My dad was the master of the dirty joke (he still is, actually), so he always had stupid stuff like that hidden away in his top drawer (yeah, like I didn't know where to go to look?).

  2. Haha, I'll have to check on the author of those baby comics and let you know who it was. That's so funny.

    We're all drawn to the things we're not supposed to look at. I knew where all the scary books were and would look at the pictures when no one was around...and then have nightmares, of course.