Wednesday, May 11, 2011

For Luck

I have a knack for finding four leaf clovers. The thing is, I can only find them when they WANT me to find them. I like to think it's only when I truly need one.

What happens is this: I walk past a patch of clover, stop short, gaze into the clover, and immediately locate the four leaf clover that was waiting for me.

The last time it happened was just before I went abroad to Scotland. I made a journal for my then-boyfriend now Husband, and I felt very strongly that he would need a four leaf clover for good luck while he was in Ireland. I had been looking and looking all summer and hadn't found one. Then, one day while I was going for a walk in the neighborhood where I grew up, past the darkest woods where Melissa and I never dared to go, I found his clover.

I looked for Luck while I lived by the sea and never found it during those two years of injuries and frustration. I looked for Luck when we moved to Vermont (once the snow had melted), but it's only now, sixteen months after we came here, that I found it.

We were walking last night and for some reason, I stopped. As soon as I saw the clover patch beside us, I knew. I bent over, and there it was. Luck. Waiting for me.
I wonder what that means.

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