Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tales From the Used Book Store: Oh. They Went There

There are three things you should know about this book before you see the cover:

1. It's for younger readers. I'd say around fourth or fifth grade.

2. It's targeted at boys

3. It's a choose your own adventure

And this is what it's called:

Oh yes. THEY WENT THERE. Someone had the genius idea of naming a choose your own adventure story for prepubescent boys The Red Rocket.

All of this of course begs the question:

How many ways could this adventure possibly end?


  1. an explosion in deep space seems like the only possible outcome to me.

    oh wait, i was supposed to leave the joke unmade, wasn't i?

  2. Way to RUIN the adventure for the rest of us. Wow.

  3. Is that astronaut about to embrace his destiny in the pre-don't-ask-don't-tell days of the Star Wars program?

  4. Hey! I read that book as a kid, and I want to find that series again! Can you give me any more info on it??


  5. Torvik, thanks for stopping by the blog! Unfortunately I recently moved to Maine so I'm not longer working at the used book store in Vermont and therefore can't go pick up the copy to check for you.

    BUT here's a link to the book on Amazon, if that helps: