Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Cuteness

Not feeling it this Friday?

Watch this video of a little boy giving an inspired speech after learning to ride a bike for the first time (alas I couldn't embed but it's only a youtube link and well worth the click).

If you do, you'll be ready to conquer that revision, or that meeting with your manager, or that pile of laundry, or...the world.


Watch it now

Speaking of riding bikes, I just want to say *good luck* to my amazing Dad, who is riding his fifth century ride (yes, 100 miles!!) for Team in Training this Sunday in Lake Tahoe. Over those five years of fundraising and riding, he has raised approximately $27,000 towards wiping out blood cancers for good!! You can read more about his ride and Team in Training at his TNT page here.

Sometimes riding a bike is an epic adventure.

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