Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tales From the Used Book Store: Self Help via Fitzgerald

I absolutely adore this cover. There's no doubt in my mind that "S. Alexander Ward" is in fact the pen name of Jay Gatsby (aka James Gatz).

He really wanted to call it "How to Overcome Laziness and Achieve Your Goal of Marrying Daisy Buchanan" but his publisher thought that might narrow the target audience a little too much. (I mean, Daisy is pretty and all, but not EVERYONE wants to marry her--take Nick, for example.)

I also love how Jay--oh, excuse me, S. Alexander used himself as a model for the cover. Look at him leaping with joy! I'm sure anyone who looks at that cover thinks to himself, "That young man is ready to move to the better Egg!" And he's like "Check out my SOCKS. They match my mothereffing SHIRT. You can't be lazy if you're going to coordinate your clothes, am I right? You gotta get up early to plan that shit."

And there's Daisy, in the background AS USUAL, staring us down with her creepy eyes. Yeah, Daisy. We get it. You're there and you're not going anywhere because you married up and no one can take that away from you--even stupid trashy women who sleep with your husband. You can just hit them with a car and get away with it. No problem. She's all, "I should have written this book. I can even make lying around look romantic and productive. Beat that, Jay. Beat. That."

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