Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ghosts, Ice Cream, Revisions

Right now I'm sitting in Ladd Library at Bates College. The campus is full of memories for me, always playing like ghost movies, everywhere I look.

I can see the exact spot where I spent my freshman short term (re: third term, 1 month long) blissfully translating Middle English while listening to Moulin Rouge on my--wait for it--portable CD player.

I can see the chair I used to sit in between classes while I waited for Curt to walk by the window on the way to lunch(we were already dating, so it was less stalkery than it sounds).

I can look outside and see where I performed a piece with the Bates Modern Dance Company at the beginning of senior year (a performance in which I totally--and ACCIDENTALLY--kicked a girl in the face. The FACE. It was so awful. She brushed it off and kept dancing though. Badass.)

It's both nice and weird to be here. And to think that I'll be living here--here being a relative term, of course, as I don't think they'd let me sleep at the library and who would want to? It's a somewhat ugly building.

Yesterday I had my in-laws airy house all to myself. It was like a writer's retreat. I pretended I was Neil Gaiman, off at my rock star friend's second home to write a novel. I couldn't figure out how to work their TV and the internet crapped out on me for most of the day. It was very conducive to working.

Today I packed up my USB drive and came to my alma mater ready to work like in the good ol' days of thesis. Alas, I no longer have a room on campus or, more irritating at the moment, a login. Apparently this means I can't use a computer to alter a Word doc. Don't ask me why. So I'm experimenting with Google docs instead. Note to self: I should really get a new battery for my old laptop so it works again.

Despite the upheaval, the impending move, the looking at apartments, I'm determined to get Chapter 6 done by tomorrow. It's possible. Chapter 5 took a few weeks but Chapter 6 involves a CHASE SCENE and moves considerably faster and also requires considerably less rewriting.

So. Back to writing for me. But why is there such a delay in typing in Google docs??? That plus the fact that I forgot to bring my wrist rest with me (so my wrists are hurting like whoa), is making me want to give up.

But I shall not! And if I finish, I can get ice cream from our old college spot. More specifically, I can get a bigger size (let's be honest, I'm not leaving Maine without that vanilla mixin with Heathbar Crunch). Talk about motivation...


  1. You kick ass, girl!

    (Or, you know. Kick face, if you prefer. J/k. I'm sure that is a grueling memory for you ;)

  2. Well, ice cream was eaten but Google docs was making me want to claw my eyes out so I didn't finish as I'd hoped. Once again, I'm behind my goal. BUT I have set an early alarm. I WILL BE VICTORIOUS.