Sunday, August 7, 2011

Howdy, Neighbor

I have only been living in Maine for three days and I've already seen one of my neighbors completely nude.

No, I was NOT using binoculars. It's just that I happened to be opening the window in our bedroom when the woman next door was lying down to sleep--on a mattress on the floor, on the FIRST floor, next to a bay window, with the light on. I couldn't have missed her if I tried.

And once again I'm reminded why I have NO PITY for smaller breasted women. Because you can be somewhere around 50 and those things will have not moved at all.

Suddenly there has been a lot of boob talk on this blog, no?

Anyway, that's really all you need to know about how the move is going...


  1. I think boobs are secretly trying to take over the world. Or have they already?

  2. oh, wow, ya made me laugh with this.

    welcome to the neighborhood!

  3. Sabrina, haha! I think they have staged many a coup but have not yet successfully taken over. Why do you think people are always trying to get women to cover them up???