Thursday, August 25, 2011

Library Love and Author Carrie Jones

Hey everyone, I wanted to spread the word about a rural library in need of help and an awesome giveaway by Carrie Jones (Bates alum, holla!), the kindhearted and talented author of the Need series, Tips on Having a Gay (Ex-)Boyfriend, and several other books.

Here's the deal: There's a private library with a devoted Super Librarian in rural Cherryfield, ME. The library is $3,000 short of its annual budget.

How can you help??

You can donate $5 or more to the library. The other day on Facebook, Catherynne Valente asked people how much a cup of coffee costs and most people said $5! So if you tend to pay $5 for coffee, consider skipping it tomorrow and helping out a library instead!

Here is the library's Facebook page.

If you are seriously short on money (hey, who isn't?) but still want to help, you can enter Carrie's contest and spread the word! AND you might win some books too. Huzzah!

Here are The Rules straight from Carrie's LiveJournal:

1. Comment on Carrie's LiveJournal post.
2. Put a link back to where you've posted about the library's challenge and this contest. You can post about it anywhere, on Facebook, on your blog, Twitter, anything, just provide a link. If you put in a picture of AFTER OBSESSION you get a double entry. If you put in a picture of DEAR BULLY and/or talk about bullying, you get a triple entry.
3. If you have don't have a Livejournal ID and have to comment anonymously, please give me a way to find you. Lots of people win things but then I can't get them again because they are anonymous. This makes me sad.
4. This will run until Sept. 1, noon EST.
5. I (Carrie) will pick five random winners who will get books.
6. For everyone who comments Carrie will donate a dollar. So tell your friends!

And here's a picture of the two awesome books you could win just by being nice and spreading the word:
Dear Bully

And After Obsession

Reader, let's be honest: if you EVER stop by this blog, then you must love stories and books and reading. And that means there must be at least one important library in your life. So spread the word and the library love!

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