Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Public Service Announcement

Hello, Reader! I hope you are well. Alas, my computer is sick. I think the hurricane might have frightened it. It won't turn on. It just sits in the corner, shivering. We've tried to coax it out with snacks and compliments but nothing seems to work.

Until I can get my computer going, I won't be blogging, at least not much. I have limited internet access through the college but my blogging tends to be spontaneous and so without immediate access to a computer, I just don't see myself posting.

In the meantime, I'm trying to make progress on Chapter 9 the old fashioned way (notebook and pen, not my preferred method for anything other than a scene, poem, or short story), and by stealthy use of a campus computer, thanks to my husband's staff login. Apparently my use of Curt's login is not really allowed. My librarian friend is none too pleased by this, but not yet too distraught to kick me out. Huzzah for small blessings and diligent but reasonably forgiving librarians.

Be well! Be merry! Be creative and well read. Until we meet again (probably tomorrow or maybe, like, the day after that.)!

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