Monday, September 12, 2011

Poem in my Head

Yes, I did promise myself that I wouldn't blog again until I finished all my book reviews.

Yes, I did manage to hurt my wrist last night while stupidly and randomly attempting Crow Pose at 10 PM for no good reason.(Not recommended)

Yes, I'm blogging anyway and the reason is that there is a poem stuck in my head and the Internet is not helping me find it. I read it in an absolutely wonderful book that my parents gave me years ago called A Poem a Day. I think it's this book, but I'm not positive because the cover looks different.

The issue here is that one of the poems from the book is stuck in my head but I can't remember the title or the author, and the book is somewhere in our enormous wall of book boxes, which I have sworn not to open until we move into a house.

This promise isn't going to last, let me tell you.

I will share what I believe is the final couple lines of the poem, but I wonder if memory is rewriting them for me. The central image is of a woman gathering fallen leaves in an attempt to delay Autumn even though it's impossible and it seems to also be a metaphor for either their relationship or old age. This is all a little blurry in my memory.

Here are the final lines as I remember them:
"Such a simple thing to do
For you—
For me
For a few more days of summer."

(Forgive me if I utterly butchered those lines. It's such a beautiful poem.)

If anyone recognizes the poem, please let me know!


  1. poor Jennifer! a painful Crow and a stuck Poem, all in one day!

    if it makes you feel better, i'm at work right now. (that didn't help, did it? i just wanted to have a tiny pity party.)

  2. Yes, Pity Party of two. Though I don't really deserve pity--I've had much worse days, like the time a strawberry yogurt exploded in my special graduation gift Felicity-inspired backpack and got all over my Wheelock's Latin.

    Still at work? Boo to that. Pity Parties never have enough drinks with umbrellas, don't you agree? We should fix that.