Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Coming Soon: More Book Reviews!

Now that my computer is alive and well, I can catch up on some long overdue book reviews! It may be a bit ambitious considering it's already Wednesday, but this week I plan to review the following books:

1. Laini Taylor's forthcoming Daughter of Smoke of Bone

2. Catherynne Valente's The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making

3. Malinda Lo's Ash

Also, guess what!?!?!?! I was one of the winners of the book giveaway from Carrie Jones, which I blogged about here! So soon I'll be reviewing her books After Obsession (co-written with Steven Wedel) and Dear Bully (co-edited with Megan Kelley Hall)

Currently I'm reading Brando Skyhorse's The Madonnas of Echo Park as well as a great collection called Fantastic Women, which includes BOTH Aimee Bender and Kelly Link. They were gifts from a friend. Huzzah for friends who send me books in the mail!!


  1. Huzzah!

    Ok, I will match your book reviewing commitment. These are the books I have read recently and want to review:


    wait, is that it? I thought I read something else. I must not have been reading much lately. Huhn.

  2. Ha, isn't it weird how hard it is to read when you're writing? Or rather, how easy it is to NOT read? Whenever I have time to read, I think, "Oh, but I should be writing..." Of course, a balance is best.

  3. WOOT WOOT to the computer working! Now you're really settled :)