Monday, November 7, 2011

Chapter Update: Lucky 13

I believe the last time I updated you on my novel progress, it was way back at Chapter 9? Well, we are way past that, my friend. Granted, I made some chapters shorter than usual to give the reader some breathing room. Even so, guess what chapter I just finished???

LUCKY CHAPTER 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It did not feel like a particularly lucky chapter. In fact, it felt hard and slow and painful and hard and slow. And hard. Also slow. And technically I'm mid scene so....this is not over.

BUT! I am thrilled to announce that a straight up awesome angsty teen scene has made itself known. I did not expect it or plan it but it's totally happening, you guys. Normally I kind of hate when authors are all, "Oh then I was like, 'omg! I can't believe my story is doing this to me! Whatever shall I do? I am but the hand that records this bestselling story.'"

Or something like that.

But this idea sort of came out of nowhere. Like, hey I'm bored. Let's throw all the characters into each other and see what happens! Yay! Plus some teen angst. It's like a high school dance except with a faerie ring and stuff. Pretty. Sweet.

Just wanted to give you an update! Can I get a Huzzah up in here?


  1. Huzzah! I say. And huzzah! again.

    Yay for progress, even the hard and slow and hard, because then the awesome happens.