Thursday, January 5, 2012

(Delusional) Author Sighting

Today I thought I was feeling healthy enough to get back to kickboxing after a couple weeks off. I don't always take the morning class and many faces are still new to me.

Guess who walked in today?
Kristin Cashore, author of Graceling, Fire, and Bitterblue!!!!

YES! It was really her, Reader!

Reader, come on, it was her! I'm sure of it!

I don't care that her bio claims she's currently living in Cambridge, MA. It. Was. Her.

Okay, she went by "Beth" but that's just an alias, so no one would know who she was and pester her with autographs while she was perfecting her roundhouse kick.
After she walked in and I was staring at her for a while, she definitely gave me a look and I'm pretty sure that look said, "Hi Jennifer, I love your blog and I can't wait for you to finish your novel. All the best writers kickbox. Hey, let's keep my identity a secret, just between really awesome kickboxing writers, okay?"

It's no surprise, then, that Cashore's most recent blog post is about health and fitness. She's probably researching for her next book!!!

Seriously, Reader, it was her.


  1. Of course it was her. Writers aren't wrong about other writers.

  2. I just want to have a (real) sighting of Bitterblue. I keep hearing other people have the ARC, and it's made me jealous.

  3. Jazz, good point. Very good point.

    Iliadfan, yes, people are super psyched for Bitterblue. It's getting great buzz, isn't it? I still have to read Graceling (I know, I KNOW), though I did read Fire.

  4. ~gasp~

    Fire was great. But Graceling made me get on a plane and cross the country just to meet Kristin Cashore (at the first Sirens conference). I don't like traveling by myself. I'd never been to a book conference. I didn't know anyone who went to cons. I loved Graceling THAT much.