Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Morning: Pretty Things to Look At

Good morning, Reader. Well, mostly good anyway.

I am already off my new schedule....of course I MADE the schedule but whatever. I also spilled coffee over the counter this morning. You could look at this one of two ways:

1. The Jennifer Way: "Wasted coffee AND I have to spend precious minutes sopping it all up. Today is RUINED!"

2. The Curt Way: "A reason to clean the counters! Plus there's plenty of coffee left and you can always get more."

Which way do you think I saw it?


Okay, fine, it's Monday. We're all feeling a little less productive and graceful and focused than we had promised ourselves we would be on Friday, when the weekend was stretched out before us like a manicured lawn. We are perhaps colder than we would like to be, we are hungrier and more tired and less motivated.

We are all in this together.

So, without further ado, here is some Pretty to sooth you, courtesy of my twin sister Melissa, who loves all things design and all things small and cozy.

Behold, reading nooks! Let's all imagine we have reading nooks in our houses (even if the houses themselves are dream houses/ apartments/ tree houses/ hobbit holes).

You can see these and more at one of Melissa's favorite blogs, Elements of Style.

What would your reading nook look like? Mine would need a window, preferably with diamond panes, and soft blankets, and tartan, and LOTS of shelf space.

Whenever Monday tries to get me down today, I'm going to take a deep breath and spend a few moments designing my nook. I just added a fold out, secretary desk in the wall below my bookshelves, perfect for a laptop, so that my reading nook can also be a writing nook. What about you?


  1. reading nook. some people have those. wistful sigh.

  2. I like the second from the bottom (well, I love them all, really), because although very contemporary, it also has a sort of medieval sensibility to it.

    I love secretary desks. I just don't know that a nook would contain me. I'd want it to be an art nook as well as a reading and writing nook--it'd be lovely to keep my easel set up near some beautiful, natural light (which an inspiring view beyond it, of course) and art prints on the walls all around me. But since the walls would be filled with built-in bookshelves, I'd need a large, open room with plenty of wall space for both.

  3. Sabrina, I like that one too. Sounds like you need a whole room for artistic endeavors, with a reading nook in one corner ;)

  4. I always (always!) love a reading nook. Is Melissa on Pinterest?