Thursday, February 9, 2012

Interlude, With a Wig

Sometimes (say, for example, five second ago) I look up from my writing and I think to myself,

"How long has it been since I scoured the internet for the perfect and as-yet-undiscovered Princess Lolly wig?"

The answer, of course, is always "Too long."

 (Note to the cosplayers out there, who have settled for a less than perfect wig: LOLLY'S HAIR IS NOT PINK. YOU HAVE DONE THE PRINCESS AND YOURSELF A DISSERVICE.)

 Personally, I have been searching for years.

Today, however, I shall resist the siren call of internet shopping. Instead I will finish this scene I'm writing and maybe soon I will finally cross the 200 page mark.

And there will be much rejoicing.

 But not nearly as much rejoicing as there will be on the Day of Destiny, foretold in ancient prophecy, when at last I discover the perfect curly but not too curly, purple but not too purple Princess Lolly wig*.

*lollypop crown non included


  1. The Holy Grail of gameboard-inspired costume wigs.

    [Have we talked about the fact that it seems they are making a movie based on the game (unless my memory is completly faulty, and I only wish they would)? I read -somewhere- that Adam Sandler is probably going to be in it.]

  2. 1. Isn't it, though??

    2. No. No no no no no. I will NOT ALLOW IT.

  3. Yes, they are apparently in final talks, and that Sandler and Robert Smigel might write the screenplay. It's kinda too bad if that goes through, because the early talk of it being LOTR-like was kind of interesting.

    Two articles about it: and

    I still like The Wedding Singer, but all of his movies nowadays just seem the same, or at least, he plays the same role in them all. I don't want to see that character in Candyland. Nope.