Friday, February 10, 2012

Mini Sheep FTW

You guys!! Guess what?????

I have discovered a beautiful farm in Maine that raises and sells mini sheep!!!!
Yes. That is a mini sheep with a chicken on its head. Can you even stand the cuteness??

If you are unfamiliar with my obsession with mini sheep, please refer to this post.

True Story: A couple days ago I was telling a friend about how it's been my dream to own mini sheep someday and he started making jokes about mini lamb chops. He's a super super nice person and was clearly just joking, but I could barely muster up even a smile.

You DO NOT eat mini sheep. You love them. You care for them. You watch them wander around, nibbling grass.

And maybe, if you are very very lucky and have earned their trust, you can give their fluffy little backsides a gentle pat.

Oh come on, sassy sheep! Please??

These are the moments when I think, "We were meant to live in Maine."

(All images from Romney Ridge Farm, Woolwich, ME)


  1. wow.

    you've arrived!

  2. Haha, I can almost hear the confused city girl in your voice ;) Or am I wrong?