Tuesday, March 27, 2012

V is for...Very Dorky?

Hi, Reader. Alas, I am sick again. I haven't done much of anything the last couple of days, except watch Spring Waltz somewhat obsessively with nap breaks in between.

Please note: the show includes choice shots of Daniel Henney running, lifting weights, and COMING OUT OF THE SHOWER WITH A TOWEL ON. Yes.

Also, the other male lead, Seo Do-Young is soooo hot. Totally brooding and believable. It is AWESOME.
See? Dreamy, right?

You'd think I'd be in Heaven, but unfortunately, I'm actually super bored. No kickboxing, no writing, and no reading. Ugh. I hope I feel better tomorrow!

Last week, I was blowing through George R. R. Martin's A Storm of Swords. Then I reached 25% and hit my typical Wall (haha, get it? Like... the Wall in the books? Okay...anyway...).
I get to this point in every Martin book where I tear through the beginning and then slowly, it dawns on me: most of these people suck. They are mean, they are selfish, they make bad decisions. I know, I know, that's what makes the series so GOOD. Because the characters are so REAL.

Yeah, well. Sometimes I don't like real. Sometimes real is too real for me. I don't need to be reminded that people are selfish and mean and make bad decisions. I NEED to be reminded that they are capable of strength, resilience, kindness, forgiveness, and love.

So I'm on a Song of Ice and Fire hiatus until my curiosity takes over and I go back to those jerky, messy characters. I can't stay away forever.

Finally, last night I was watching Star Trek: The Next Generation with Curt. It goes without saying that both of us watched the show when we were kids. Also I wanted to be Captain Picard and even had his action figure until I got a little older and decided I had to be a girl character (wah waaah) so I was forever stuck between Crusher and Troi. 

So, we're watching episode 69 which is called "Hollow Pursuits" and aired in 1990 (yes, I had to look that up). It's the first Barclay episode (groan) and there's a lot of creepy holodeck stuff going on, including one scene in which Barclay fights the Three Musketeers (Picard, Data, and La Forge). And in which Data looks like this:

Which made me wonder if this episode was actually the inspiration for V in V is for Vendetta (it's the gleaming, creepy skin tone in particular, I think):

 That's it, you guys. After three days of doing almost nothing, my big thoughts are: 1. Daniel Henney is hot, 2. Seo Do-Young is also hot, and 3. Data dressed as a Musketeer = V.

And my brain power is all used up. Back to brain mush for me. Time for more tea, toast, and Spring Waltz...


  1. feel better!! also--GETTING OUT OF A SHOWER IN A TOWEL?! on that.

  2. First, thanks! I think I'm better now. Hoping to be back to normal tomorrow, with any luck!!

    Second and more importantly YES. Yes a world of yes and Daniel Henney in a towel and his character is getting more attractive with each episode. I am begging you to watch and then tell me what you think!!

  3. Hope you stay better! I was SO p/o'd I read the first THrone of Swords right before the HBO show. The entire show I was frustrated and gritting my teeth, thinking, this Martin guy must be a real tyrranical piece of work, he obviously rode rough shod over who ever made the show so that it NEVER pushed a boundary, never went deeper into a character. They were controlled by the book / author in a way that truly limited the feel of the show. It made me itch, it made me jumpy, it made me determined never to read another word of Martin if I wanted to watch the show. I don't know if it will help, but April 1st, apparently, Winter is Coming.

  4. That's interesting, Morna. My first thought wasn't that Martin was controlling the show (based on his blog he seemed pretty open to creative changes for the sake of story) but that there is SO much to deal with. Also, personally, I feel that HBO itself tends to adhere to its sex+violence=ratings formula. I actually haven't finished the first season of the show yet. I mean, once you've read the book, what's the point?