Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Waving as I Pass

1. Last night I scrolled to a fresh, blank page of my novel and typed, "Chapter 30" at the top.

This could be the last chapter. It will more likely be the penultimate (Vocab word!). What matters most is that it is, without a doubt, the final scene. Big things are about to go down. I'm scared and excited and hopped up on coffee.

And I feel...I feel...I feel happy of myself.

2. When I'm stalling on writing, I play around with possible titles. The Charmed Bracelet seems too gender-specific to me. I am a little hesitant to share other ideas here, though. Blogging can be odd in that way. Should I share? Do you want me to do?

Is anybody listening to me?

3. Here's something to make you think: another beautiful, provocative, and uplifting post from Terri Windling

4. Here's something to make you laugh: Lindy West rewatches Titanic for Jezebel, with hilarious results. Seriously, I wish I'd written this.

5. Here's something to make you go awwww: The Daily Puppy

6. Here's something you might not know: Farmers' Almanac Full Moon Names

7. And, lastly, something to make you go faint (hint: it's Daniel Henny)

Thumbs up, everybody! Rock and roll!

1 comment:

  1. I'm listening (I just don't have time to watch the videos--I am at work, preparing for final exams). I actually like "The Charmed Bracelet" as a title, but I do understand what you mean by it seeming too gender-specific.

    Good luck with your penultimate and ultimate chapters!