Friday, May 4, 2012

May The Fourth Be With You

So apparently May 4th is Star Wars Day! This is awesome for two reasons:

1. I love Star Wars. Like, read the novelizations of the movies and used the name Greedo while playing laser tag. Melissa and I went completely against our obsessive nature and voluntarily restricted our viewing of the movies so that we could appreciate them that much more.

(Note: In my universe, there are only 3 Star Wars films and they were made between 1977 and 1983. You cannot convince me otherwise.)

2. As you know, I love puns. LOVE them. I'm not even convinced that there is such a thing as a "bad" pun. And this whole May 4th celebration is a play-on-words of "May the Force be with you." Awesome.

For this very special day, Melissa has done the most ridiculous and awesome manicure I've ever seen. It was inspired by C3PO and R2D2.

 Have I mentioned that Melissa went to art school and has this magical knack for all things art? She's got the most steady hands ever and eyesight so sharp that her childhood nickname was Eagle Eyes. No joke. She is legit.

Here is her Star Wars Droid manicure, that she designed and did HERSELF.

 Fellow Star Wars fans, I think you'll agree that this is DEFINITELY the manicure you were looking for.

Melissa was awesome enough to share her tips with me so that I could share them with you!

[Edit: "...share her tips with me..." HA! As in fingertips...get it? Accidental pun! My favorite kind! ]

The Left Side: C3PO
Materials: Gold polish, black polish, silver polish, colored nail tapes, toothpick

1. I painted each finger gold except one that I painted black.
2. After the second coat of gold I took a toothpick and drew indents into the still wet paint polish with a toothpick to mimic the lines in his body.
3. Then I added some silver polish to one gold nail to mimic his one silver leg in the first movie.
4. Then on one I put a bunch of the colored tapes down on the black nail, overlaying them randomly to look like the exposed wires in his abdomen.
5. Clear coats over everything and voila! 

The Right Side: R2D2
Materials: Silver polish, white polish, metallic blue polish, colored tapes, scotch tape

1. I painted two nails silver and 3 white.
2. I took the blue polish and painted a piece of scotch tape with it and waited for it to dry.
3. Then I cut up the tape into rectangles and put them randomly on my nails.
4. I took some blue and silver nail tape and did a couple random lines here and there to look like the lines in his body.
5. I did do one white dot on top of a blue rectangle too
6. Clear coats over everything and I was done! :)

So if you've got steady hands or the patience to clean up your wayward polish blobs with polish remover on a q-tip, then by all means, give this a try! Me? I think I'll just listen to this on repeat: