Monday, May 7, 2012

New Obsession Alert

So I finally watched the last three episodes of Spring Waltz...SUCH a disappointment.

 The whole story felt like it was stretched out to twice as long as it should have been and that the two secondary leads were locked into certain "roles" that did not fit with their characters as the story progressed. And there wasn't even any zexy times at the end!! Now I know why people were complaining online that the vibe was too brother-sister. I kept waiting for some passion at the end but there was just a lot of passionate crying.

But fear not! I already have a new KDrama obsession!!! It's called My Girlfriend is a Gumiho!

 Here's my favorite song from the show (Stupid itunes doesn't have it...yet. itunes, why must you thwart me and my obsessions?)

It is SUCH a good show!!! It's romantic and funny and there are a couple characters that are completely over-the-top, which I love.

PLUS, it revolves around a gumiho, which is what Koreans call a nine-tailed fox. As far as I can tell from some internet research, a gumiho is considered more dangerous and less likely to befriend humans than a Japanese Kitsune. Since I'm all about magical foxes, I love this!

Shin Min Ah who plays the gumiho is so good at acting like it! She's gorgeous but she also has a very fox-like look about her.

Seriously you should watch the show. It's also on Netflix streaming, for those of you who are interested.

I'll let you know if it continues to be as good as it is now, but based on comments online, I think it will be.

I better start another writing project soon. Maybe get back to my neglected short stories and start researching for my other Sekrit Story Idea, before I start to rot on the couch. But we'll worry about that another day.


  1. rar i wish i could share my favorite japanese soaps with you!! but netflix clearly hasn't prioritized them yet. alas. my favorite is called Long Vacation. you can watch it here, actually, if you don't mind watching it online...

    but yeah sekrit story idea is a more legitimate use of your time, i'm sure.

  2. although if you end up clicking that link and watching on veoh i have to warn you the subtitles are APPALLINGLY bad. sorry. japanese people don't really talk like that.

  3. From now on I blame you for any lack of writing least until I watch and finish Long Vacation. You just handed me a drug blintz not unlike Linka's cousin in the Captain Planet episode "Mind Candies." Drug blintzes, everybody. Look it up.

  4. Correction: "Mind Pollution" is the name of the episode. Here's the link to Part 1 (the blintz appears at around the 6:40 mark):