Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What the Dragon Said

 I met several cool people last week and one of them is a Maine-based artist named Elizabeth Heller, who makes awesome art such as Victorians Riding Dinosaurs. She recently blogged about Cat Valente's reading last week. In the post she also shared the art she'd made in response to a poem Cat wrote called "What the Dragon Said: A Love Story." 

You can read the post and see Elizabeth's fab art here. I even made an appearance in the post (further confirming my suspicions that the audience at the reading very nicely let me win Cat's ARC. Thank you, new friends!).

So I read the poem and WOW! It's fantastic. It's fun and there are rhymes (I love rhyming poetry, though my poetry professor tried to break me of the habit to no avail), but it's also insightful and bittersweet. It was originally posted on Tor.com for National Poetry Month (April 2012).

I was going to repost it here...but now I'm wondering if that's allowed? Hmmm. I suppose I shall just include the Tor link instead. Read the poem here. Right now. 

Inspired by the poem and Elizabeth's dragon art, here's my own sketch I did this morning for "What the Dragon Said: A Love Story."

I had to crop out my signature to make it prettier. I'm bad at that. Oh well, sketch. Fly through the internet. Be free!

I hope you read the poem. It's not long and it's really really good. 

I'm off to attempt something productive or something creative or something inspiring or maybe just a walk, which sometimes manages to be all three at once.


  1. You so often meet such cool people! Do you have a super-power for this talent?

  2. Ha! What a lovely thought, Morna. Certainly that must be how I met you. Sometimes I'll list off my friends to people and they are from the most unlikely places. Maybe that IS a special talent of mine! I do feel lucky to know so many kind, creative people!