Friday, September 7, 2012

A Place to Call Home

Hello, Gentle Reader! I've missed you. I hope you enjoyed your summer. It may not be quite over yet, but I can feel a shift in the air, feeling it getting sharper and wilier, testing my clothes and remembering all the tricks to spreading its chill down into my bones. The wind forgets these things for a time, but not forever.

I'm still working full time, so my revisions are still languishing in limbo. The good news is that I do like working and I love the people I'm working with. I like being part of a team, doing something I can be proud of. I'm still hoping to get back to writing soon, but my schedule has been a little strange lately.



Yes. I know I should have mentioned this sooner, but I am superstitious and was afraid to say anything before it was finalized. We moved in a little under a week ago. It's such a beautiful house. I just walk around telling it how lovely it is, and how I can't wait to host parties there and bake cookies and play the music really really loud (okay, I did that part already).

We've wanted to buy a house for so long and I'm really happy we finally did. We're putting down roots!

I knew home ownership would be hard. So much to keep clean and protect. So much to mow (soooo much). But I'm finding it's also a big adjustment mentally and emotionally. I mean, it feels GOOD to have to be responsible for something. It feels GOOD not to be living just five doors down from my alma mater's campus. But we haven't stayed in one place for more than two years since we graduated. That's eight years of moving, moving, moving.

And now we've up and moved again, just a year after moving to this state, and I'm all mixed up again. Where do I grocery shop? What about kickboxing? Wait, I have to drive to work?!? I'm in another transition. The nice thing is that once I'm past it, I'll hopefully be in this one place for a long long time. But until then, I will wake up in the middle of the night. I will wander around aimlessly, picking things up and putting them down again. I will get in the shower and realize half the things I need are not there.

I will feel a little bit lost, for now. But not forever.


  1. amaaaaazing news!!!

    may this be the last time for a while that you get in the shower and realize half the things you need are not there.