Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Streak of Red

It's very cold in Maine today. Very very cold. I took Bingley on our morning walk behind the barn and along the edge of the woods. As we approached the shadow of the pines, I noticed that we had disturbed an an animal, probably getting a late start on this bitter cold morning. From the silhouette I guessed it was a cat. Neighbors say there's a fisher cat around here as well, which would be more dangerous for a twenty pound puppy. But it was running in the opposite direction and Bingley hadn't noticed it.

Then it trotted through a spot of sunlight and suddenly, like striking a match, I saw a bright streak of red against the snow and the dark pines.

"Oh!" I said softly.

It was a fox, moving swiftly away from the puppy and human, back into the safety of the woods.

I looked down at Bingley to make sure he hadn't noticed the fox and decided to follow. He was happily chewing a stick.

We continued on our way.

It was a good morning.

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