Friday, February 22, 2013

Say Howdy to George

You've just got to read this letter from a former slave to his former master, written in 1865. The circumstances are sad, of course. How can we read about slavery and feel anything but bitterness and frustration at those impossible circumstances?

Even so, you must read this letter.

It's such a fist-pumping triumph, it will make you say, "F--- yeah, Friday!"

I'm puppy-less today. Bingley is currently romping in all his glory at doggie daycare, having forgotten entirely of my existence. I have to admit it feels absolutely delicious to sit in my house alone. I would rather be writing, but instead I will dive into my remaining applications and try my best to stay focused and work hard.

There's another storm coming this weekend, but for now the sun is shining. Small blessings.

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