Friday, May 3, 2013

I Feeeeel Happeeeee*

(*Fans of Laini Taylor, didn't you just love the Monty Python reference in Days of Blood and Starlight??)

Hey Reader,

I just dropped in because I realized something.

 I haven't been sad in a long time. Really sad. Depression sad. And you do you know how that makes me feel? Like this:

I feel like there's a tendency for people to only reach out (if at all), when the path is darkest. So I wanted to stop and say, "Hey! I'm feeling good today!"

The gremlin hasn't jumped on my back in a long time, and I am grateful. Watchful. But grateful.

I think Bingley has helped a lot. It's not just that he loves me, it's that he needs me. Feeling needed is a powerful kind of magic.

So today I'm not reaching out to you for help. Instead, I'm extending my hand to you. Sending a little sunshine your way. A candle at the window. A lantern in the gathering dusk.

It's only fair if we take turns.

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