Thursday, May 2, 2013


Hello Dearest Reader,

I know I haven't posted regularly in forever. The reason is that I've been working hard on my novel. In fact, I might finish this week. It's actually possible. As you know, "finish" is a silly word. What I mean by "finish" is that I could get to the end of the 2nd draft. But I already know of at least one chapter that will need a diet and no doubt there will be plenty of continuity wrinkles to iron out.

Nevertheless, finish I shall, and very soon.

When I get immersed like this, it's like getting swept up in the tide. I don't have brain power for much else. Friends fall by the wayside, not to mention vacuuming or blogging. But then I get these manic thoughts in my head (too much alone time?) and I have this impulse to spew them on Facebook, but my more discreet twin frowns on that sort of thing, so I thought, I shall spew it here where no one, save you Dear Reader, will be forced to endure it.

So. Here are a smattering of random thoughts in my head:

I am super frustrated by Daniel Henney's career. He's American and grew up in Michigan BUT because he's half Korean he's found more success in South Korea starring in KDramas.

I know I've whined about this before but it still makes me want to bang my head against a wall because I watch him in these dramas and he just does not fit. He's SO obviously American. He sticks out like a sore thumb. A really really beautiful sore thumb. He's clearly charming (I've seen him interviewed), but his American attitude sometimes comes off as cocky when he tries to play a Korean role alongside Korean actors.

It infuriates me that he isn't a bigger star in the US because White is still the norm so unless a character is specifically Asian or Black or Latino etc, it goes to a White actor. Stupid stupid stupid. Stop depriving Americans of Daniel Henney. It's not fair.

I hate when I pay for something and am very specific about what I want and no one says, "That isn't possible because of this..." and no one says, "Actually it'll be more like this.." they just say "Okay, sure," and then I get SOMETHING ELSE ENTIRELY.

If you're wondering what prompted this, it's the fact that I took my muppet dog Bingley in for a haircut and told them I wanted it shorter but NOT shaved and...he is now shaved. I am probably (definitely) more upset about this than is warranted, but it's the principle of the thing.

If you want to really hear me sound off on this (and I mean, who WOULDN'T, amiright?), just ask me about my wedding bouquet. Go on, ASK ME.

Every spring when it gets hot enough to wear just a tee shirt and I start finding ticks, I have this freak out and I think, "NO! Stop. I can't. We have to just turn around and go back to February right now because I can't deal." It passes eventually but right now I'm just like TICKS ARE EVERYWHERE AND WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE.

When I was a kid I convinced my mom to buy me a tape (a freaking cassette tape, you guys) of new age music from one of those preview machines that sells thunderstorm recordings and Celtic music CDs. I loved it. In fact I had this entire story in my head about what was happening while I listened to it.

I found the tape recently's a tape. So I searched the internet. In no time I found the same album and was able to download it as mp3s. Thank you, Internet. It's now my official Getting to the End of This Draft soundtrack. Want to listen?

All right, that's all. I need more coffee and more concentration. But then, who doesn't?

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