Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Grump Slump

Uh oh, I'm having an invisible day. Maybe I should call it a wraith day so it sounds cooler. Am currently lost in a sea of paste up that I took on from my former employer. It's giving me bad flashbacks to being an editorial assistant. As much as I loved the people there and the books we were publishing, being an EA can be pretty awful. Any time your job performance is dependent on how well you can tape pieces of paper to other pieces of paper (and this is a competitive industry requiring a college degree, people) is just wrong on so many levels.

The good thing is that it's reminding me why I left because sometimes I forget that. I mean, publishing (despite its current identity crisis) still maintains an aura of glamor that never failed to impress people at parties.

I think I've been a grumpy ball recently because I haven't been writing. I worked on my query letter but that hardly counts. Anyway, I foresee another major wave of revisions coming my way so the query letter is not going to be needed for a while longer. I've been getting some great feedback from a friend of mine although immediately after reading his most recent notes (yeah, he's actually emailing me with notes for each chapter, and yes I do realize this warrants several beers and a mention in the acknowledgments) I feel like throwing up. But then later when I read it again it doesn't sound so bad and in fact sounds like very very smart advice.

I just found a way to break me out of my grump slump! According to Moonrat, this Saturday, May 16th is Write Your @$$ Off Day. She explains the day succinctly, "The point is to commit just one day--7.5 hours, from 10 to 6 with a break for lunch--to your OWN writing."

Perfect!!! I'm so looking forward to this. Lately I've had this freelance project on my mind, plus my five year Bates reunion for which I enthusiastically offered to organize a scavenger hunt and locate (free) prizes, plus the knowledge that I need to go shopping for grown up clothes before BEA, plus the fact that I need to get some credits in a hurry before my AFAA cert runs out in August despite the fact that back to back ankle and knee injuries have prevented me from teaching kickboxing for the past two years.

But on Saturday I can write and write and write. I won't even work on revisions! Maybe I'll kickstart the YA apocalyptic first person novel I've been working on in my head, or try a couple short stories on for size, or finally get to work on that epic poem about Kitsen (my version of Kitsune). We'll see. I can't wait!

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