Monday, June 22, 2009


The weather has been so consistently dreary for so many days in a row that I've begun to wonder if we're all stuck in one of those movies where the director cheats by washing everything out in a particularly depressing color and making it rain in every single scene.

I first noticed it in Seven, and thought it was pretty effective. But a note to every movie since then: it is very annoying! Also, people do get depressed when it's sunny out. When I'm feeling depressed and it's nice out I usually consider this to be a personal insult, thereby deepening the depression.

So, whoever is directing this movie can STOP right now and bring back the sun. I am on to you.

In other news, I gave my two weeks notice today. After July 2nd, I'll have the rest of the summer to clean up this novel and send it out into the word to become a *bestseller*

(Hey, don't laugh. I'm practicing positive thinking to combat depressive thoughts, see above).

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