Friday, September 25, 2009

Butterbeer and Books

Happy Friday, darlings! (Yes, I just called you "darlings." Just pretend I'm in my seventies and wearing a sequined muumuu and a flapper headband replete with matching red feather. Now picture me swanning about and declaring that today is glorious. YES. Now it all makes sense.)

Here are some points of interest--for me. But hopefully also for you.

1. Where's Milo?: A little over a week ago I blogged about doing a little chain letter activity for unpublished writers with my signed copy of Only Milo. That is still totally ON. I'm going to launch it on October 1st.

Why wait, you ask? Well, it's because something very cool is coming to this blog on October first and that something is Barry Smith--the author of Only Milo!! He'll be posting a guest blog and I will be sharing my thoughts on the full length book.

Next week I'll post more details about this little chain letter venture. But if there are any cynics out there, consider this: I finished my third pass revisions not three days after receiving my signed copy of Only Milo in the mail. This is serious, people.

Get excited!

2. Butterbeer: Tomorrow I'm going to spend the *whole day* with my twin sister!!!! While this is clearly momentous news, the thought did occur to me that perhaps my social engagements were less than compelling to others. However, tomorrow is an exception because my twin sis and I will be making BUTTERBEER!

We intend to try various combinations of ingredients and I will post the best recipe here on Monday! I encourage you all to try your own recipes this weekend too.

So lots of fabulous things on the horizon, my lovelies! Now where did I put my feather boa? This sequined dress is so blah without it, don't you agree?

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