Monday, January 18, 2010

And My Hair Wasn't Even Dirty!

So lately I have been spending a lot of time alone. That's not so unusual for a writer but it's felt so weird lately since I'm not used to the town yet and I don't have any friends nearby that I can meet in Boston for drinks as I'm currently over three hours away. So since I'm either hauling boxes and other random piles of stuff or sitting at the computer and staring at my query letter for the trillionth time, I've been indulging in some comfy clothes. Old workout pants, over-sized sweatshirts, my husband's fleeces--hey, it's cold in Vermont! It's not exactly a flattering look but who cares, right? No one's going to see me!

Except for just now. I was on a roll, finding places to squirrel away some of the last piles of Stuff (my MIL is coming this weekend and I want to make the place look nice before she gets here!). I was planning to workout, too, once I had finished. But then my upstairs neighbor stopped by. With her friend. And brownies.

Reader, I was wearing old workout pants, sneakers, an old tee (seriously old, like from elementary school but luckily the style was really baggy way back then so it still fits), and a big, ugly fleece vest from my previous employer. My bangs were shoved back off my face with a headband with the rest of my hair pulled into a messy ponytail. To round it all out I was wearing my old glasses that I only keep around for working out when I'm too lazy to wear my contacts.

And then my neighbor invited me to join her, the friend, and another friend on Friday night for drinks. Reader, I am so bad at meeting people. It took me FOREVER to make friends at college. I would force myself to go to a party, look around the room, then immediately leave. Then I'd go back to my room and call my twin sister and wonder if I'd ever have any friends ever again.

I'm older and wiser now, so I said I'd love to join them. And then when they left I got so nervous I immediately shoved approximately three brownies down my throat. Fun!


  1. Honestly? If I'd been said neighbor and I'd walked in on you like that, I'd have liked you straight off. Any woman who is at home and always looks like she could head out wherever at any time irritates me. I like real people.

    Have fun Friday!

  2. True. I never look like I'm ready to go out when I'm home, though I generally look slightly better than I did today. Oh well. Will have to post on how Friday goes. Hopefully I won't inhale my food out of nervousness!

  3. Girl, I have been LIVING in sweats lately. I mean, what's the point of getting dressed and putting make up on and doing my hair when no one except my computer screen is going to see me. But my fiance is living in another state right now until the wedding, and he surprised "skyped" me one day. Oof. I hope your night out with your new neighbors {and soon to be friends} goes really well!

  4. Haha surprise skyping! What has the world come to? Husband came home and assured me I didn't look that bad. That just means I've desensitized him to the sweats and fleece look!