Thursday, February 18, 2010

Writing Update

For the curious:

I've been pretty quiet about my writing lately. The reason is that my edits for GLOAMING are "finished." I don't want to say Finished with a capitol "F" until I see this book on a shelf. Even then I'll probably wake up in the middle of the night wishing I could make a little tweak here or there.

Now I'm sending out my query to literary agents and it seems that silence would be the best course of action here. Querying is very dull. You have to spend loads of time researching each agent, essentially internet stalking them, and then (if you're neurotic like me) you have to reread the submission guidelines and check over your submission no less than a million times to ensure you didn't make any mistakes.

The more interesting parts of querying involve one of two things: complaining or celebrating. If I'm celebrating it's because I've been offered representation, and you can be sure that *when* that happens, I will let you know.

If I'm complaining it's because an agent said no. And...What's that, Thumper?

To keep myself sane, I've been playing with some short stories about The Carnival at The End of the World. I've also been researching for my next book. The book will be set in East Haddam, CT and a part of Faerie known as The Grimes instead of the fictional city of Haven, CT/ Fae city of Gloaming. I have a rough plot sketched out and the three main characters but I need to develop my ideas further before I jump in.

With GLOAMING I decided to jump right in, which resulted in me spending almost a year writing a first draft and then starting all over from scratch. It was a great learning experience BUT I don't intend to waste a year on a draft just to figure out what my story is. No, this time I'm going to be prepared.

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