Thursday, March 4, 2010

Teasers from GLOAMING

So I tend to be kind of secretive. I dread the thought of being vulnerable in front of anyone, of people knowing too much about me. Maybe this is because I'm a writer, and ever since I can remember I've studied people and tried to figure out how they think. Strangers, couples in restaurants, my friends and teachers--I was always guessing at what they were thinking, how their reactions revealed their feelings, etc. So of course I'm paranoid that people do that to me too!

And on a seemingly unrelated note, yesterday I skimmed through my GLOAMING manuscript and pulled out all of my favorite "important" quotes. Why? For highly complex, top secret reasons (fun, procrastination, vanity). It's amazing how much plot you can distill from so few words.

I never say much of anything about my story here (SECRECY!). The one time I did was back in April 2009, when I shared a brief excerpt, which has now been revised about a zillion times. At least the gist of the scene is the same.

I thought I could share some of the quotes with you now. It'll give you the flavor of the book. I'll put them in order, too. I hope you like them!

Quotes from GLOAMING:

"Come on, be gentle with me," he said. "It's my first time."
Maggie blushed. "First time for what?"
"Inviting you here. Call it a blind date, if you will. I suppose I should introduce myself. I'm Adder Whitethorn, prince of faerie, wrestler of goblins, and devoted reader of your blog. Pleased to meet you."

“Your bracelet, there, is a charmed bracelet—it’s an invitation of sorts. They’re used to get in and out of Gloaming. The charm has worn off, you see, which is why it didn’t work when you went back to the gate. The thing I don’t understand is why you still have the bracelet. That’s highly unusual—unless they want you to come back.”

“You never want to go head first in Gloaming,” said the half goblin, patting Maggie's shoulder. “In fact, we find it’s best to let someone else go first, if possible. Barring that, send something expendable like fingers or toes.”

From afar, the city looked as if it had folded in on itself, forgetting one purpose yet finding another and in so doing becoming something new and strange and beautiful. It was like a wild, intricate mass of rain forest carved in jade, steel and stone, stars and sea glass.

“You didn’t think I could jump the border, did you?” The slightly guilty look on Adder's face told Maggie she had guessed correctly. She sat back and crossed her arms.
“All right so I didn’t think you’d do it. Not many people do, you know. Most of them want to believe it was just a dream.”

So there you have it: a little GLOAMING appetizer. I hope you enjoyed it!


  1. That actually sounds really interesting! I'm very curious now...

    Gloaming is one of my favorite words.

  2. Thanks, Kait. I really appreciate that!!

    It's one of my favorites too ; ) I love words that sound like what they mean. Gloaming makes me think of velvet, fading light, distant stars, moss...

  3. Ah! You're a booktease! But all of these quotes sound great. I really like that half-goblin.

  4. Haha I should change the post title to book tease. Love it! Chester is the half-goblin. He's one of my favorite characters, though just a side character. So glad you liked him, too : )

  5. I have a lot of love for some of my side characters. An elf with questionable taste in fashion, and a dwarf to goes to battle with a rolling pin. Just fun details you get to give them.

  6. Nice. I love the rolling pin image!