Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Cuteness


1. The weather is perfect today: blustery and, as the woman in Scotland said of the torrential rain that greeted my husband and I on our honeymoon, "wild".

2. I am grumpy.

3. Later I will get coffee, which will make me less grumpy.

4. This is a hilarious tumblr post by Nitsuh Abebe. It explains why it's not a good idea to date a writer. I'm so glad my husband didn't read this before I could trick him into marrying me. Also, writing "tumblr" really pains me. Why no "e"?? Why?

5. For the cuteness portion of this post, I offer you the amazing new Penguin Classics covers featured on one of my twin's favorite blogs, Design Sponge. Check it out here.

Also, because I can't just abandon you without some visual stimuli, this:

Please note, red pandas--like the one in this video--are very much endangered. You can learn more from National Geographic and WWF.

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