Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nothing Like A Little Spring in October

Oh, Reader. Can you smell Spring in the air today? It's sunny and warm and everything is so alive. In fact, it's like everything is desperately alive today, all the ladybugs and squirmy, wriggling things and the yellow jackets sunning themselves on the porch. It's like they know somehow that by tomorrow morning we might get a frost and they will all be dead.

I feel remiss in my blogging lately. For this I blame my revisions. I've been tunneling back into them and it requires a lot of concentration.

Since I'm at a loss for words, I thought I'd show you some photos of my faerie costume, which I cobbled together for Sirens. I went as a twilight faerie. I envision a twilight faerie as a creature of half light, moths, moss, a handful of stars, and mist. Want to see?

Step 1: Go to T.J. Maxx and find an appropriately fairy like, cheap dress. It never ceases to amaze me, but I always find what I need at T.J. Maxx/ Marshall's. I'm convinced that if I go with an idea in mind, the store will provide me with what I need. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the dress before I started tinkering with it.

Step 2: Sew gray velour accents to the back of the dress.
Step 3: Sew a pouf of gray tulle to the front. I added more velour on the front as well but neglected to take pics of every single step.
Step 4: Sew on the accents! Leaves from a craft store,leaves cut out of mossy green felt, and more gray velour. (Somewhat wrinkled as I didn't think to photograph the details until I was wearing the dress.) Add some glitter glue for sparkle. I also added a butterfly pin my mom gave me. I couldn't find anything with moths. Why no love for moths, craft stores?
Add some sparkly tights and glittery purple wings and there you have it!Me with Faye as a fantastic steampunk faerie (note the gears, googles, and boots!) and Juliet as a gypsy faerie.

Here's another picture of me and my friend Kelsey, which offers a close up view of my costume.I love it because you can see Holly Black sitting in the background. Doesn't she look like a little, thoughtful devil on my shoulder (the Devil is traditionally depicted on the left shoulder)? I bet Holly could come up with all sorts of devilish ideas. Her coolness cannot be over exaggerated. No, it cannot.

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