Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Sometimes I worry that I wasted all of my productivity and discipline in high school. I was so driven then. So focused. And yet now I manage to fritter away a morning without even trying.

Here's a list of some of the mistakes I've made in the last week:

1. Buying Nutella for the first time. Bad Jennifer. I had finally tricked myself into believing those hilarious new ads that claim Nutella is a hazelnut spread with a pinch of cocoa that makes a healthy and sensible breakfast for children.
(I could probably track down the US version, but this one has an accent!)

Here's the truth: Nutella is spreadable chocolate, people. Spreadable. Chocolate.

And I'm still scraping the jar for one last taste like some sad little druggie.

2. Internet stalking a pair of Boden heels I want to see if they'll go on sale.Well, they went on sale today. They're still not that affordable. They're definitely not affordable for writers with part time jobs. But you guys, it's my high school reunion this year. And even poor penniless writers with delusions of grandeur need something pretty on their feet. In fact, we especially need the confidence boost. Lord knows I'm not looking forward to the, "And what do you do?" question and the inevitable followup, "A writer! Are you published?"

3. Opening the internet at the start of my writing time, "just for a minute." HA. Hours pass and I eventually surface, confused, cranky, and with several new pairs of shoes charged on my credit card. I know I shouldn't do this, and yet I do. Writing time is for writing. Not shopping. Not cooking. Not blogging. I have done all three of these so far this morning and am ashamed of myself. My writing deserves better.


  1. i'm voting for that #istheirlifeafterhighschool hashtag.

  2. Haha. Well, I definitely have more of a LIFE after high school. I just don't get as much work done. For me it would have to be #istheircompetitiveproductivityafterhighshool. And that's just sort of awkward for several reasons.

  3. I struggle with #3 all the time, with my writing and day job work. And in the process of trying to avoid falling under #3's enticement, I sometimes get into these funks where I'm hardly on the computer at all (which is not good when I have quizzes to write and grades to input and stories clamoring to be written).

    Also, Nutella is awesome.

    Good luck with writing. And staying cozy. I suspect it's getting colder over there.