Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tales From the Used Book Store

I haven't done a Tales From The Used Book Store post in ages so I thought I'd post another. Why not, right?

Ironically, I've been working at the bookstore more but I've been busy doing a lot of reorganizing, so I spend less time looking at book covers and more time shoving books around.

Anyway, some overdue covers I discovered while going through the--now defunct--sexuality section.

1. Most Literal Cover Font Design:
I can just envision all the men--this is a Mad Men publishing house, in my imagination--discussing this cover. (It should be noted here that I've never seen Mad Men)

DON: Boys, this is an important book. It's about potency. Super potency. And it's got to sell because men deserve to read this book. Ideas?

NOT DON 1: How about using BIG letters? You know, like a big--

NOT DON 2: And in all caps so the letters really stand out.

DON: And we'll make it all shiny so no one can resist it, just like no one can resist me.

NOT DON 1 and 2: Genius!

Honestly, I think I just got pregnant looking at this book cover. How am I supposed to explain that at Thanksgiving???

2. Most Insulting Cover:
Ahh, this book reminds me of the good ol' days when men were men and women were...wives. And those wives needed some man doctor to explain things because they couldn't just be direct and talk about it with their husbands.

I enjoyed throwing this book into the solid waste bin. In fact, I did it with super potency. SeewhatIdidrightthere??

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