Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Did You Miss Me?

Reader! Hello! How are you? My computer has been working on her breathing and affirmative visualization exercises and has managed to overcome the trauma of the hurricane.

In other words, Curt figured out that some knobs had gotten loose and so we tightened them and the computer turned back on.

No, I'm not joking.

So, here is a mishmash of things from my head for your Tuesday evening enjoyment:

1.I am officially an aunt! Should I insist on being called "Auntie"? No, I don't think so, though it's tempting. I got to hold my niece and it was pretty cool. I'm still not really into the whole baby thing. I prefer kids once they can talk and walk but oh well. As babies go, my new niece is as cute as they come!

2.I was coming down with a cold but it seems to be going away and it's only been a few days! This may be the first time that has happened since I got mono way back in 2005. HA! Take THAT, Sickness. I have triumphed over thee!

Sadly (or perhaps not so sadly, depending on your tolerance for gross posts), my returning health means you will not be treated to another Consumption joke or another gruesome post about eye seepage.

3.Here's a link to the blog The Art Order, which ran a contest for artists to interpret the LOTR scene in which Eowyn fights the Nazgul. It's really fun to scroll through. I kept finding more and more that I loved, in all different styles. Here are a couple of my favorites:

4. Rhetorical Question: How can I ever enjoy Orson Scott Card again after reading this????

Answer: I just can't. I can't love you anymore, OSC. Not when you spread hate and ignorance and homophobia and bad retellings of Shakespeare. No. Just stop before my newfound indifference towards you sours into something darker.

Editor's Note: From now on OSC shall be struck from my Ongoing List of Favorite Authors. Sad Face Party.

5.Today I went to the campus HR Office to fill out paperwork because I'm helping out at the bookstore for the book rush. I was filling out my W4 and I stopped because there were three options: Single, Married, and Married but file as single. I was puzzling over why I might want to file as Single since I'm married. Kindly remember that I've been fighting a cold and haven't been particularly sharp the last couple days.

The HR woman helpfully leans in and goes, "Single. Single. Single." Three slow blinks and slow oh-so-very-slow chugs of the brain gears later and I realize she thinks I'm single. "I'm married," I tell her.

Here we go, I think. She sits back in shock. "So young!" she shouts.

Lady, go on and ask me how long I've been married. Go. Ahead. I love it when they do that. Then I can see them trying to run the math without actually asking me how old I am. Because what I really need is the freshmen looking at me like I'm as old as Death while the adults in HR think I'm a child bride. What is up with that??

And finally: the Happy Song of the Day. Get up out that seat and DANCE!


  1. Ok, on the topic of OSC: I knew him for his homophobic essays and other writings (yes, I'm going to go ahead and use a judgmental adjective, may the internet forgive me) way before I knew him as a fiction author. Now you know my misgivings about ever reading Ender's Game, or why maybe I read it so hard. I couldn't help but look for certain things.

    I also had no idea that there was a (really upsettingly pervasive) idea that the word "gay" means "same-sex pedophile/compulsive rapist." I actually didn't know that in some circles that is what that word means. Like, actually, no exaggerating. I have a story I could tell about that. I'll spare your comments section, though. But yeah, really really upsetting that these ideas get perpetuated and dignified.

  2. And what if she found out you're not just a child bride, but also a SISTER WIFE CHILD BRIDE??

    That'd show her!

    Also read something somewhere the other day that allergies to mold have been through the roof since Irene, so perhaps it was an extreme allergy attack? Our house reeks of mold right now, so I'm thinking that might have been part of it... glad you're feeling better now.


  3. In high school, I read "Ender's Game" and OSC's book on writing, then I heard about OSC's attitudes while in college; I usually try not to let a writer's personality affect my reading of their books, but I haven't been able to read any of the other Ender books since. This re-working of Shakespeare, though, makes me kinda angry. For a multitude of reasons.

    On the happier side, those pictures of Eowyn are awesome, being an Aunt (I am an unofficial aunt) is great especially when they are old enough to teach sarcasm to, and yay for not getting/staying sick. It's already starting to get chillier here (still the rare day, though), so I'm on the lookout for those congested or coughy mornings, just to be on the safe side.