Monday, October 31, 2011

Anything Can Happen on Halloween

Happy Halloween! Halloween is so magical. It's the essence of what I love about fall, this bittersweet intermingling of life and death, Autumn and Winter. Vibrant leaves and small, bright berries against the naked branches and silent snow.

And as for the mingling of life and death, Curt and I had a nice long spinning around in the car on Saturday night while we drove home from a costume party in a snow storm. It was slow, like a graceful, impromptu dance in the middle of the snowy road. Thankfully no cars were near us at the time and we managed to not hit a guard rail or slide off the road.

No, Death just spun us around the dance floor, bowed, and let us continue on our way.

Other reasons I love Halloween are that I dress as I please. On Saturday I was a gypsy and I really felt like one. A confident strut entered my step and I found myself wishing I could dress in skirts and scarves and colored tights more often (and why can't I? I don't know.)
Today I decided to wear my black sparkly tights, because if you won't wear them on Halloween, then what is the point of owning them at all?

I've also decided to start the day with some candy. I've been congratulating myself on my festive attitude.

By the way, has anybody seen my tambourine??

Last year's Halloween, it seems, was more pensive and you can read my post here, which includes a link to Terri Windling's 2010 Halloween post. And here is a link to her post for this year. Both of her posts are short and magical and well worth a read.

Happy Halloween, Gentle Reader. If Death asks you to dance, be courteous. And do not step on her toes.


  1. oh my. your ruminations! you are a mystical and brooding one, you gypsy wench.

  2. Hahaha. Last week was a ruminating week for sure. But don't forget about the tambourine.